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Design and creation of presentations is a new phenomenon gaining popularity really fast. Promotional presentations and companies presentations have been developed for a long time already since the first computers appeared. In general, presentation is a theses catalogue and an extended brochure illustrated with the means of graphs, charts and texts of good quality. We here, at CHAOS, create and design presentations professionally coming up to the client with a really efficient product of good quality effect of which is aimed at existing and potential customers.

Presentations in PDF and Power Point

Our company uses various tools for creating presentations, including MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Adobe Creative suite, etc. In general, any program lets us to create slides and depict all the components. These are interactive elements, photos, animations, graphs, charts, texts copywriting, static elements. All these small things attribute to the final product of good quality.

Flash presentation

Developing of flash presentation has become very popular recently and is in demand. Flash presentation looks very much similar to the video presentation but allows using interactive elements and certain interaction with the objects. Cost of the flash presentation is a bit higher than that of the ordinary PDF-presentation, however it differs with possibility of being integrated into the web site easily.

Presentation is assisting you to promote goods and services of your business

Presentation of good quality is one of the main components at business meetings and negotiations, conferences and promotions. It’s a perfect way to convey all the benefits and peculiarities of your product or services to potential customers briefly, clearly and in theses, and also to maintain loyalty.

Catalogue and it’s design

Catalogue is a common type of promo products which is often used to inform the audience about different goods or services. The catalogue can contain many pages, lots of illustrations and other informative blocks.

Catalogue can contain all sorts of information and be used for different purposes. Thus this could be a description of specific goods or a general catalogue describing company’s services. General design of catalogue is made depending on it’s purpose.

During the development of catalogue process of this type of printed product numerous decorative graphic elements are used, a set of titles is created or possibly creative footers, blocks and footnotes are added.

Accurate and perfectly implemented design of the catalogue is able to attract attention of the vast audience and get interest of the reader.

No doubt, regardless of the information type any catalogue should be pleasant for the visual perception.

That is why in development of such edition it is better to rely upon the experienced professionals.

All experts at the presentation agency CHAOS have huge experience in the design field. Our great portfolio and the list of happy customers from completely different spheres only prove this.

When ordering the design at our company you can have no worries about the quality of the work performed, timing or professionalism level. We know for sure how the up-to-date catalogue of the highest quality should look like in order to achieve all it’s goals.

We provide not only individual approach and innovative solutions to our clients but also reliability.

How much the design of the catalogue costs

Design of the catalogue should be created taking into account all the requirements of modern advertising and besides be coded correctly in accordance to the printing standards. In order one has no problems with the printing of the catalogue it’s better to leave it’s design to the professionals who will make your product look not only bright and stylish but also that of a good quality from the technical viewpoint.

Price of every catalogue is calculated individually taking into consideration all the instruments, spent time and resources used.

The minimal price for the individual catalogue design creation is 100$.

How to choose design for the catalogue and what one needs to know for that

There are catalogues of different kinds, i.e. printed or electronic. The design is created based on it’s type and purposes. Each type has its own peculiarities and characteristics influencing individual style creation.

For example, a corporate catalogue requires to match other types of corporate printed products with it’s colors and logos. So very often companies and certain brands order complex design of all kinds of the required printed goods.

If the catalogue itself is a separate promo campaign it could be of various formats, sizes and designs. It is important to determine for oneself what function this specific edition carries out.

All catalogues comprise big amount of information so it is important combine the amount of text, general design and font harmoniously into one single product.

Our designers will help you to make your mind about all the details of your catalogue design considering all your requests and wishes and relying upon their enormous experience.

How to pay for your order at CHAOS

After discussing all the details and confirming the order the customer makes an advance payment in any way convenient for him. Payment might be made by cash or bank transfer.

Designer starts working after the client has approved his ideas and made an advance 50% payment.

After receiving the layout and the final estimation, the rest is paid.

What I need for ordering a catalogue design from CHAOS

For your confidence and reliability we necessary make a contract (payment details will be asked from you). Also, the customer provides the specification for the designer and brief.

After this the designer provides all the information that should be there in the catalogue: corporate identity elements (if any), examples of the catalogues that he likes, text and promo material, the text in the .doc format, necessary illustrations sized at least 300 kb, comments in written and accents in any format.

After the payment (50%) and the necessary information is received the designer gets to work.

How long it takes to create design of a catalogue, presentation or brochure

Time is calculated approximately depending on the order’s difficulty level, workload of the company and number of pages in the catalogue. On average it takes from 1 to 10 working days. Being limited in time the customer must notify the designer about the date of delivering the order in advance. It’s also possible to order extremely urgent development of the project for a half of the day ora day.

If we can write text for the catalogue

If it’s desired and having the correspondent request from the client we can also provide text material for the catalogue based on the queries given by the him. Deadlines, number of texts and price are agreed individually.

What format of the catalogue is better

There are standards in printing regarding the catalogues but due to the modern trends and creative approach of our specialists we can develop a catalogue of any format or size. It is important to take into account not only type of the catalogue but also it’s target audience.

Nowadays there are following sizes of catalogues are themost optimal and popular: A4, A3, A5, A6, 210*210mm, 135*135mm, 100*210mm. If you’d like to have an outstanding catalogue of your own size it is also possible!

What a brochure is

Brochure is a printed promotional product containig short and clear information about activities, services, and potential of theparticular company, firm or enterprise. This is a very popular form of advertising. Brochures are distributed everywhere in the street, in the subway, at exhibitions, on stands atthe shops and in other crowded places.

When one creates a brochure the most modern and fashionable designs are used. This bright leaflet draws attention of the target audience with it’s stylish and unusual design.

Design of a brochure

Design of a brochure depends on it’s content. If it contains brief and clear information about the company and sphere of it’s activity in most cases corporate colours and logos are used in thedesign.

If it aims to advertise some special event, occasion or service when being distributed really bright colours, unusual compositions and colour ideas may be used.

Depending on the target audience and it’scontent a brochure can be inclassic or original design with unusual layout.

The brochuremust combine harmoniously and in a wise manner both text and graphic content, it should attract visually and cause desire to read the information.

Good quality brochure design is able to attract numerous potential audience and impact it strongly.

How to order a brochure

It’s very easy to order a brochure if a customer has made his mind about the aim of it’s creation and it’s informational promise. Before creating such a product it’s design is carefully worked on, font, colour scheme, necessary signs and decorative elements arechosen.

Also taking into consideration the fact that this is a printing product, paper of arequired sort, density and quality is selected. It is very important to pay attention to all the details and the overall visual seriesin the process of creating a brochure.

Layout is coded and after the approval of all the nuances and details it is printed taking into consideration all wishes of the customer.

One can see different types of brochure products in our portfolio both with unique individual designs or pretty much standard solutions that can be usedas a primary template.

The cost of the brochure

The cost of this type of printing is calculated individually for each order based on the design complexity, coding and number of pages in the brochure. Minimum cost of the design and coding of the brochure is800 UAH.

Why us

Our company offers only stylish and modern product of thehigh quality, best conditions for customers, reasonable prices, bright and creative brochures. Onecan make sure in this by contacting us or reviewing our professional portfolio.

The best experts monitoring advertising trends are ready to create the best product for you according to all your wishes.



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